This Weekend: Lents Street Fair + A New Arrival!

Every Sunday during market season is a day I look forward to. Meeting new people, selling delicious food and doing what I love is the highlight of my week. This week though, the Lents Internationl Farmer’s Market we will be at the center of the annual Lents Street Fair, so this market is not one to miss! Although the Fair doesn’t start until noon, the market will be open at 9am, so before you hit up the Fair’s craft vendors and beer garden, come early to grab coffee and fresh produce from your local farmers!

To mark the occasion and acknowledge this week’s mini heat wave, I’m bringing a special new item to the market: Aloe Vera. That’s right! I grow this amazing plant in pots, and after surviving the winter inside, they produce big spiny leaves that contain precious cargo. Aloe is a well known cure-all, especially for skin that has kissed too many rays. It’s also becoming increasingly popular as an edible addition to juices, smoothies and other recipes that help you internalize its medicinal benefits. Search for Aloe Vera recipes and get inspired!

I hope to see you tomorrow at the market. Until then, I leave you with an article from our opening day, in which I show off some elephant garlic (with scapes) for the camera man:


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