IMG_20150601_154952True to the name, this is a one acre farm, located in the Urban Growth Boundary of Portland. The lot is zoned residential (R7), so I am taking advantage of a recent addition to the local zoning code, that allows for “market gardens” of a certain size, from which I can sell produce without the requirement of a home occupation or similar permit. The site includes our house (and home) and an expansive front and back yard, which is on its way to becoming a beautifully productive farm. The surrounding neighborhood is a surviving suburban development from the early 1950’s, and is an exciting place to be growing food.

This plot is on it’s way to becoming a diverse food forest with orchard fruits, nuts and berries, in addition to perennial vegetables, medicinal and culinary herbs, and a fledgling tea plantation. I am also growing a small variety of annual vegetables for market and raising ducks for eggs. Though I am not certified Organic, I regularly refer to my 7 years working on small, organic farms and incorporate elements of organic certification principles, biodynamic practices, and integrated pest management strategies. I have opted to support and participate in local programs that encourage biodiversity, like the No Pesticide pledge, the Backyard Habitat Program, and Multnomah Master Gardener Training Program. I am always happy to discuss my growing practices and inputs with interested folks. There’s a lot of information and misinformation out there, so I encourage close relationships with your local farmer and look forward to having one with you!

Since I am a one-woman operation, this farm is intentionally small-scale and expected to stay that way. I am dedicated to serving neighbors and local markets, providing fresh and high quality food for you and yours. I invite you to take a look around the website for more information, news, and upcoming markets, or contact me with questions. Thanks for supporting your local farmers, and here’s to your health!


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