For weekly fresh sheets with wholesale pricing, contact me

Montavilla Pre-Order Menu

  • Seasonal Salad Mix $5/bag
  • Tulsi Oxymel $15 (3oz) or $8 (1oz)
  • Chill Out Tonic $15 (3oz) or $8 (1oz)
  • Spruce & Fennel Cordial $25 (4oz) or $15 (2oz)
  • Duck Eggs $4/half dozen
  • Bulk Calendula Order: $8/half lb.
  • Other Medicinal Herbs (with limited availability): Self Heal, Red Clover, Borage, Chamomile, Yarrow, Milky Oats, Sage, Echinacea & Valerian (flowering tops only)

Instructions for Pre Order: Copy and paste your selections into an email (urbanacrehomestead at or into a DM through my Instagram @theurbanacre. Please include your phone number, pickup date, and an email address where I can send you an invoice for prepayment. Your order will not be packed until payment is received (ideally the Friday before market). Please understand that there is no refunds for orders not picked up!

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