At this time, the Urban Acre Homestead is not actively hiring.

Unpaid Internships:

As a former farm worker, I feel very strongly about the obligations that come with bringing “help” onto the farm, and farmers continue to navigate this topic in many ways. Since I get inquiries about WOOFing, volunteering, work trade, and the like, I wanted to make it clear that as a for-profit business, I can’t legally host volunteers or anyone who may engage in “labor” without being compensated according to federal labor laws. If you are participating in WOOF, or are looking for volunteer experience, I suggest connecting with farms who are either set up as a non-profit, or are legally allowed to solicit volunteer labor without pay. If you are interested in working on farms, I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with federal and state labor laws to make sure you are protected from unfair work engagements.

In some cases, an unpaid internship may offer you the opportunity to complete educational credit without engaging in farm labor, and I am happy to discuss options with anyone one (teachers and students alike) who is interested. Additionally, I welcome research institutions to contact me regarding project ideas. Here are a few research topics that I am exploring and experimenting with:

  • edible mushroom cultivation
  • cultivating native/endangered edible plants for market
  • no-till, permaculture, and biodynamic production methods
  • restoration ecology
  • pastured duck and feed production
  • traditional hedgerow and coppicing management
  • rainwater harvesting and appropriate irrigation systems
  • small scale compost production
  • small farm marketing and direct sales strategies